Shipping & returns

Our Returns Policy

SmilesAlliance is dedicated to maintaining excellent service for all our customers, not to mention a straightforward, personalised range of products and treatment. With that in mind, and given the customised nature of our products, it's important you're familiar with our returns policy, and what to do if you are anything but completely satisfied.

Refund Policy

A refund is made in the following circumstances: should a SmilesAlliance affiliated dental professional identify that you are not a suitable candidate, or if we are unable to treat your case due to medical concerns, we will refund the amount paid for any impression kit or package purchased if the candidate is unhappy with the 3D Smile Preview. If the candidate is dissatisfied with the aligner package in the first 30 days after delivery, providing the customer returns the aligner package in full.

If the recommended treatment plan is not working

SmilesAlliance is committed to you, our customers. If the aligners are not working despite wearing them exactly as prescribed, we will continue to develop a new treatment plan without any additional charges if your affiliated dental professional feel it is advisable to continue.

For this process, a new Impression Kit may need to be completed and additional photographs sent.

Exchange Policy:

If you have received a defective or damaged product, please contact us at to request a replacement.

Return Policy:

Impression Kit: The cost of your impression kit is fully refundable should your case be assessed and found unsuitable for our clear aligner treatment. Clear Aligner Treatment: The cost of your aligner treatment is non refundable, SmilesAlliance Ltd clear aligner treatment results may vary from case to case. We do not guarantee successful treatment for all cases. The 3D preview is a software and dental expert driven estimation of what can be achieved. In some cases extra aligners and assessments may be needed. Teeth Whitening Kit: Due to the health and safety nature of this product once the packaging has been opened we are unable to issue a refund. Providing the product is unopened we will issue a refund up to 30 days after delivery. Refund will be issued minus delivery and admin costs. In case of a technical fault, the product is fully refundable once the product is returned and found to be faulty. Should you have any questions with regards to your order, please contact us at


  • (a) Location: We deliver to the UK/ Ireland and most parts of Europe via DPD. At this stage, we do not deliver to areas that are not covered by DPD, if any. If you are not in a delivery area that is covered by DPD, please contact us to discuss delivery options.
  • (b) Cost: Delivery costs are included in the cost of our products.
  • (c) Timing: We will normally dispatch impression kits within 48 hours of receipt of payment in full. In all other cases, it may take up to 21 days from the receipt of your payment and order to dispatch products to you, unless otherwise noted on the site. Any delivery periods displayed on the site are estimates only, based on the information provided by the delivery company. We will deliver the product to the place of delivery you specify when making your order.
  • (d) Change: If you need to change a delivery date or the delivery address, please contact us as soon as possible to see if this is possible. If you are not available to take delivery on the agreed delivery date, you may be charged a delivery fee for each additional attempt for delivery.
  • (e) Method: We may deliver the products via a range of delivery methods. All deliveries must be signed for. If neither you nor your authorized representative is at the delivery address to accept delivery you will be notified, generally by the delivery company leaving a card with contact details, so that you can arrange pickup from the post office locality specified on the card.
  • (f) Title and Risk: Title in the products will not pass to you until the later of delivery (including a delivery company leaving a card with contact details so that you may arrange pickup from the post office locality specified on the card), or your payment is processed or otherwise received by us. If your payment is declined for any reason we reserve the right to refuse delivery of the products and to reclaim the products from your possession, custody or control even if they have been delivered to you or moved from the delivery address. Risk of loss, damage or deterioration to any products will pass to you once the product is delivered to the address you provide.