Frequently asked questions


SmilesAlliance clear aligners

How do clear aligners work?
How often do I wear my clear aligners?
Can I get aligners for only my upper or lower jaw?
How transparent or discreet are SmilesAlliance Clear aligners?
What if I have Crowns, Bridges, Implants or Missing Teeth?
I've recently had my wisdom teeth out. Should I wait a while before treatment?
I'm planning to have my wisdom teeth extracted in the future.
How do I know SmilesAlliance will work for me?

Impression kit

What is an impression kit?
How long does it take to get my aligners after sending in my impressions?
What if I mess up or don't know how to take my impressions?
Is my impression kit refundable?
Where can I buy an impression kit?
How long does it take to get my impression kit?
What to do when you receive your SmilesAlliance impression kit?

SmilesAlliance treatment plan

Can I see my expected results before I start the treatment?
How long does SmilesAlliance treatment take?
How do I use my Chewies?
Will I experience any pain or discomfort with SmilesAlliance?
I'm under 18, can I use SmilesAlliance?
Are there any visits to a dental office during treatment?
Can I wear my clear aligners while I play sports?
I have a permanent retainer, do I need to remove it?
What do I do if an aligner or my retainer doesn't fit properly?
What happens if I lose an aligner?
Is any follow-up treatment required once I've completed the program?
How long does it take to receive my Treatment Preview?
What is the SmilesAlliance™ Guarantee?
What is a 3D smile transformation preview?
What's the difference between an aligner and a retainer?
Can I use SmilesAlliance if pregnant or breastfeeding?


Does my purchase include free teeth whitening?